Children of Gaza

Amal & Mahmoud

Nine year old Amal her twelve year old brother Mahmoud witnessed their father and brother being shot dead.  Their house was also destroyed. Amal was injured and now lives with shrapnel embedded in her brain which leads to blinding headaches and visual impairment.  She struggles with her homework and often finds it difficult to help her mother around the house. Amal says her wish is to become a doctor and help sick people.

The doctor in Israel is a top neurosurgeon, but felt that operating on Amal now would not be a good idea.  From his experience, there is a high risk of neurological complications in cases like Amal’s, so he feels that unless her symptoms become life-threatening it is better to do nothing.

However with no organisation now helping Amal and her family and her mother struggling to feed the family it is unlikely she’ll get to travel to Israel for a follow up in the near future. 

Mahmoud aches from the loss of his father and whilst he didn’t receive any physical injuries the scars of this loss run deep.  He feels his father was killed unnecessarily and now seeks revenge for his death.  Mahmoud also shoulders a lot of the responsibility for the care of his younger siblings.  Mahmoud’s dream is for the crossings to open and to travel to England or Europe and study at university.  He also wants some justice for the death of his father and brother